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Welcome to El Iman Tannery, a leading Leather Producer Company specialized in exporting wide range leather products mainly to European & Far East countries. To know more about our company navigate to About Us Page.
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We provide Cow, Buffalo, Camel leather raw products with variuos selections, thickness and size. Among our products:
If you want to order our products or ask for any more details... etc we will be always glad to hear from you.
You can find the contact info in the Contact Us Page.
Moreover, you can communicate with us through social networks like Facebook or Twitter.
To know more details about our products please go to Our Products Page.
Cow Wet Blue (Male) Whole/Sides
Cow Wet Blue (Female) Whole/Sides
Cow Wet Blue (Calf) Whole/Sides
Buffalo Wet Blue Whole/Sides
Cow Wet Blue Brazilian Sides
Camel Wet Blue Sides